Preserving Traditions Fostering Legacies


Nunufatima Mission

is to use African Dance as a cultural bridge to educate, inspire, and empower.

Breathe It. Live It. Express It.

About Us

Hello, welcome to Nunufatima Dance Company Inc. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) performing arts and education company dedicated to educating, entertaining, and cultivating the community through all forms of performing arts.

Quality Productions That Make a Lasting Impact

  • Every dancer has the ability to be creative

  • The arts are a vehicle for personal growth and awareness

  • The arts brings people from all walks of life together to create and build a sense of community

  • Cultural arts sharing acknowledges diversity

  • The arts provides a useful outlet, mentally and physically, to life's challenges

Nunufatima believes:

Quality Productions That Make a Lasting Impact

"Cultural Expression"

Although Nunufatima is not a religious organization, it recognizes the term "spirit," and that there exists a shared spirit in the arts. Most importantly, Nunufatima believes that the arts can be a vehicle through which people find and nurture their own power; it is cathartic; it teaches us that we can overcome obstacles and self-doubt and helps us express our world view.


Bringing Performance to Life

Nunufatima Dance Company goal is to use performance arts to offer its Chicagoland community students exposure to creative, engaging, cultural arts classes and performances. We provide dance, music, and visual arts to teach historical and cultural education for personal and potentially professional purposes.
Looking for a place to catch the best shows and productions? Nunufatima Dance Company Inc is a high energy dance company that has been dazzling audiences with magical productions since 2008. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, or for some good old entertainment, Nunufatima Dance Company Inc is best bet for a great insight into cultural arts. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy here, including top of the line productions and classes at very reasonable prices. Contact us for shows and classes!

Nunufatima Dance Company Inc


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